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Innova provides quality

products and spare parts to

the Onshore and Offshore

Oil & Gas Industry

Innova   supplies   capital   equipment,   parts, components     and     instrumentation     for drilling   and   production   systems,   from   the US   Gulf   of   Mexico   to   Brazil.   Specialized   in the   provision   of   OEM   &   non-OEM   parts   for onshore   and   offshore   facilities,   Innova   is dedicated     and     committed     to     timely responses,    focusing    on    the    supply    of equipment, spare parts and services. Innova   also   consolidates,   dispatches   and delivers    parts    and    equipment    from    its Houston     warehouse     facility     to     freight forwarders   in   the   US   or   directly   to   the client’s base in Brazil.

Hoisting and Rotating Systems

Top    Drive:    washpipes,     disc     brakes,     bearings     (thrust     / cylindrical   /   spherical),   seal   kits,   service   loops,   O-rings   and   seals in general and other Top Drive parts; Kelly and IBOP Valve: spare valves, parts and repair kits; Drawworks:   main   shaft,   V-belts,   sprockets   and   strand   chains, rollers, bushings, brake parts; Rotary   Table:    ring   gear,   pinion   gear,   drive   shaft,   seal   kit, upper    and    lower    bearing    races,    master    bushing    and    others Rotary Table
Innova Business Development - Drawworks Parts Innova Business Development - Top Drive Parts

High and Low Pressure Mud Systems

Mud     Pump:     Fluid     end     consumables,     suction     modules, pulsation   dampners,   diaphragms,   liners,   pistons,   pinion   shafts, crossheads,   bearings,   seal   kits   and   other   consumables   covering all major brands. Centrifugal   Pump:   pumps   for   low   pressure   mud   systems,   for a variety of applications and wide range of flow rates. Mud    Cleaning    Equipment:     shale    shaker    screens,    other consumables   and   parts;   centrifuges;   mud   mixers;   mud   hoppers; mud guns; and others.
Innova Business Development - Mud Pump Parts Innova Business Development - Mud Pump Consumables

Pressure Control and Blowout Prevention

BOP   Stack:   Flanges,   bonnets,   operating   pistons,   piston   rams, ram    assemblies    and    repair    kits.    other    BOP,    Annular    and Connector parts; Elastomers    and    other    sealing    components:    metal gaskets,    ram    packers,    annular    and    spherical    BOP    packing element, o-rings and seal kits; Gate   Valve:   gate   valves   in   general,   spare   parts,   repair   kits, ring gaskets, and other high pressure items; Drilling    and    Production    Choke:    choke    assemblies    of different   styles   and   pressure   ranges,   spare   parts   and   repair   kits. Various models for drilling and production applications; Application:   onshore   and   offshore   E&P   markets,   for   systems up to 15.000psi.
Innova Business Development - BOP Packers and Seals Innova Business Development - Drilling Riser Seals and Packers

Drilling Riser Systems

Telescopic Joint:   split packers, urethane and hybrid packers; Drilling   Riser:   main   tube   seals,   choke   /   kill   /   booster   high pressure seals, hydraulic seals, wiper and lip seals; Eco   Packer   Assembly:    redundant   Telescopic   Joint   packer housing,   acting   as   the   ultimate   barrier   to   minimize   the   risk   of environmental   accidents.   Compatible   with   different   drilling   riser brands.
Innova Business Development - Gate Valve and Choke Parts Innova Business Development - Gate Valve and Choke Parts

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